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Learn To Invest In Low Priced Rentals For The Highest CashFlow With
 Investing Made Easy Monthly
(Receive $3,487 worth of bonuses.)

Investing Made Easy Monthly is a virtual training on real estate investing, served up in high-quality videos so easy to understand we nicknamed it- real estate investing for dummies. This course teaches the delicate balance of investing in LOW COST HOMES (in working class and lower income neighborhoods) for high profits, high cash on cash returns, and low prices. We teach you unconventional ways to invest in rental properties. Everyone else is  settling for a PALTRY 10% Cash on cash  return - we Shoot for 30%.

Property investing in more low cost homes can carry a BIG RISK, you need to properly analyze the market,  especially the neighborhood. Making that seemingly solid investment can be a MONEY PIT if not done thoughtfully and that's where we come in.

Each month our 40-60 minute class is emailed to you. All you have to do is click play to watch, you will be amazed at the things you take for granted that could maximize this extremely profitable real estate investment niche.  

Finanical Freedom in 2-3 years is quite common amongst my students (view testimonials here!). Not only do you get practical advice that's easy to implement (even if you don't have a family fortune behind you, or the bank of mom and pop), but bonus videos on top of bonus videos on top of bonus videos EVERY MONTH!

If you dont have money now, it can be easy to have money 6 to 12 months from now! If you don't have a business now, it can be easy to have a business asset protection, asset protection and business credit 6 to 12 months from now! If your credit isn't great right now, it can get better in 6 to 12 months! No matter where you are in your stage, investing should be easy for you. You should go at your own pace based on your own circumstances and situation.

    Sneak Preview of Your IMEM Module    

  • Getting Started In Real Estate Investing (the Truth in Training) (Value: $29.95)
  •  Bonus How to have 5k-25k in cash ALL THE TIME WITHOUT the banks (Value: $39.95)
  •  Bonus How To Establish A Bank Account The RIGHT WAY (Value: $19.95)
  •  Bonus FAST Credit Repair (Value: $29.95)
  •  Protecting Your Assets With An LLC (Value: $49.95)
  •  PDF Transcripts And Downloads Of ALL Month 1 TRAINING (Value: $29.95)
  •  Monthly Progress Report And Stackable Goal Matrix (Value: $59.95)
  •  Month 2 Bonus – Use Your Real Estate Investing Business For W2 Income (Value: $67)
  •  Month 3 Bonus – Building Business Credit (Value: $97)
  •  Month 5 Bonus – Finding The PERFECT Sub30k Market (Value: $59.95)  
  •  Month 6 Bonus -Investing Based Off YOUR Pocketbook - No Matter How Small or How Big! (Value: $197)
  •  Bonus – The Real Estate Investors Budget (Value: 29.97)
  •  Bonus – Analyzing The BEST Deals And Houses (Value: $39.95)
  • Bonus - Investing Out Of State (Value $97.99)
  •  Ask A Professional Series (1-1 Lawyer, CPA, General Contractor, Property Manager, Inspector, etc) 
  •  Weekly Office Hours ($697/Month)
  •  And.....

    Total Value = $3,571.52 . Try It Now For Just $37.97!    

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Weekly Office Hours Every Week

Throw Every Question About Investing In Low Income Neighborhoods Here! This is worth the membership ALONE!

  Personalized Mentorship (Office Hours, Group Calls)   


Group Coaching Call with Black Diamond MasterMind Members

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Easily Leverage BUSINESS credit, not personal credit

Learn How To Protect Your Personal Assets And STILL qualify for Mortgages

Finding the MOST AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES (local or out of state)


Throw away cookie cutter advice - Half the advice out there is CRAP!

Learn that investing can be FUN and EASY!

It’s not right for us to work that hard for financial freedom and still not add up because we lack the right information – It's time to bridge that information gap, and I will help you do it effortlessly!

It’s not right for us to keep trying to fit into corporate culture, who doesn’t want or need us to fit in. 

Let's build our own businesses in our own neighborhoods, profitably. And of course, buy BUYING LOW!

I've already helped 526. Are you going to join me?

I want you to imagine what it would feel like to….

  •  Have a constant supply of FRESH and exciting funding and budget ideas!
  •   Be respected as an investor, in any situation, any peer group, because its recognized as a skill set that sets you apart from others
  •  Your WORK and ETHIC speaks for themselves – more so than your office politics! 
  •  You’re acknowledged as a financially savvy expert amongst your family, friends, peers, and colleagues.
  •   Be able to start AND FINISH your goals FASTER than you ever dreamed possible…. …
  •  Surprise yourself with your own ABILITY and CREATIVITY! 
  •  Become a MASTER at using credit resources, banking institutions, contracts, renovation steps and other techniques on your investment to add untold cash flow! 
  •   Finally start to make considerable progress on that dream of financial independence… 
  •  Create layouts that reflect the MEMORIES of the photos you are trying to preserve! 

If you could do those things you’d be PROUD of the your investments that preserve your legacy. Your investments can give you peace of mind. You’d finish a renovation faster than ever before…giving you more time to SPEND MORE TIME with your loved ones! Wouldn’t that feel GREAT?

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Here is Why Our Training Is So Popular:

These Tactics are for REGULAR PEOPLE with regular jobs and income.

You can see every step, broken down for the everyday new investor to understand, right down to the smallest detail. 

Build an investment business that is FUN and PROFITABLE. 

The bottom line is, Investing Made Easy Monthly combines all the inspiration of the traditional investing, with the detailed instruction of a local class. And the end result is a 40-60 minute training video sent to you each month that we know will fill your head with plenty of actionable and proven steps 90% of you can do today, you just don’t know it!Now all of this sounds good, but you probably have some doubts about whether my statements about the training inside Investing Made Easy Monthly are really true…..

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P.S.What's the catch? None! 

Don't worry, you can cancel at any time conveniently, with cancellation instructions at the bottom of every email that's sent, as well as notices when the next month's training will be coming.  Get the blueprint for an investing gameplan that's currently making me 4k per month in passive income in as little as 2-3 years.

Disclaimer: *Result is dependent on the financial readiness and determination of the investor and may vary.

Founder, Affordable Real-Estate Investment

Lisa Phillips

HI, I'M LISA!HERE'S WHY I CREATED THE SMART BUY AND HOLD COMPANION COURSEIf you've already picked up my book, thank you! If you stumbled upon this page without getting the book first, I highly recommend you get it here on Amazon Kindle (or here to get a free PDF copy) to make sense of all the material here in this free companion course.Four years ago, I quit job to focus on building a fortune via real estate investments. Though it was the best decision I ever made, it was quite the experience as the information out there wasn't for a low-middle income earner like myself. I stumbled blindly along my journey and lost my first house to a foreclosure during the recession. Still, I persisted, I needed financial independence more than life itself. The invaluable experience I amassed along the way enabled me acquire series of rental properties on my terms, without going bankrupt! My MotivationI realized people needed the knowledge I had gained, so I created real and practical courses to equip all who seek financial freedom with my proven systems. So far, we have empowered over 500 investors. My courses are practical, with step by step guidance to acquiring rental properties under 12 months. Many have acquired their first investment as early as 4 months into the program. I have found that success hinges on the readiness, determination and tenacity of the investor. My lasting word as you begin this journey is this, never ever give up. Your dreams of financial freedom is within reach. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Month 1 – Fired Up! Budgeting And Financial Preparation For That Rental Property

    • Month 1 Progression of Goals

    • Getting Started in Real Estate Investing Part 1 – Month 1 Training

    • Month 1 Bonus Interview – Dionne Blanks – Building your Savings

    • Getting Started in Real Estate Investing Part 2 – Month 1 Training

    • Month 1: Bonus 1 How to have 5k – 25k of Available Cash – Anytime, everyday – Interest Free

    • Month 1: Bonus 2 Establish A New Bank Account The RIGHT way

    • Month 1: Bonus 3 Fast Credit Score Increase

    • Month 1: Bonus 4 Business Structure Part 1 – Types of Business Structures

    • Month 1: Bonus 5 Financial Freedom Roadmap Step 1 - Income Assessment For Investing Success

    • Month 1: Bonus 6 Financial Freedom Roadmap Step 2 - Investment And Savings Goals

  • 3

    Month 2 – Identify ALL Funding Sources And Budget Resources

    • Month 2 Goals and Progressions

    • Funding Sources Simplified – Month #2 Training

    • Month 2 Bonus #1 Before You Buy DVD Walkthrough Part 1

    • Month 2 Bonus #1 Before You Buy DVD Walkthrough Part 2

    • Month #2 Bonus #2 Financial Freedom Roadmap - Step 3 Track Your Spending

    • Month #2 Bonus #3 Business Structure Part 2- Minimum Documentation

    • Month #2 Bonus #4 Get Your DUNS number NOW!

    • Partnering On Your REI Deal

    • Month 2: Managing Out Of State Contractors and Renovations

    • Month #2: Selecting Contractors For Your Real Estate Project

  • 4

    Month 3 – Finding Your Market And Preparing Your Business Structure

    • Month 3 Progression And Goals Worksheet​

    • Month 3 Training pt1 Finding Your Market Final

    • Month #3 Bonus #1 Financial Freedom Roadmap - Step 4 Debt Elimination Strategy

    • Month #3 Bonus #2 Your Business Structure Part 3

    • Month #3 Bonus #3 Build Business Credit Part 1

  • 5

    Month 4 – Common Repair Estimates And Business Structuring Cont’d

    • Months 4 Goals And Progression Sheet

    • Month 4 Training IMEM Training Common Repair Costs And Estimates

    • Demonstration of Common Repair Costs And Estimates Worksheet

    • Month #4 Bonus #1 Financial Freedom Roadmap - Step 5

    • Month #4 Bonus #2 Build Business Credit Part 2

    • Month #4 Bonus #3 State And Local Politics, And Why They Matter

  • 6

    Month 5 – Investing Out Of State Foundations And Repair and Renovation Estimates

    • Month #5 Training Out Of State Part 1 - The Foundation

    • Month 5 Bonus 1 Ask A Professional [IMEM] Toni Moore April 27, 2017

    • Month #5 Bonus #2 Financial Freedom Roadmap - Step 6 - Find More Money

    • Month #5 Bonus #3 and Emergency Lines of Credit (Part 1)

    • Month #5 Bonus #4 Renovation Costs Broken Down

  • 7

    Month 6 – Investing Out Of State – Advanced

    • Month #6 Investing Out of State Part 2 – Taking Pics After All Contractor Work

    • Month #6 Bonus #1 Ask Lawyer Brian Pendergraft – Real Estate And Landlord/Tenant Attorney

    • Month #6 Bonus #2 Property Managers The Key To Out Of State REI

    • Month #6 Bonus #3 Ask Dorethia Kelly, MBA - Personal Finance/Business Expert

  • 8

    Month 7 – Protecting Your Assets And Liabilities – CPA Time!

    • Month 7 Training pt1- Ask a Proffesional Enrolled Agent with Tai Stewart

    • Month #7 Bonus #1 Ask Legal Expert Eleanor Curry

    • Month #7 Bonus #2 Which Big Box Store Should You Choose

    • Month #7 Bonus #3 Just Because You Wouldn't Live There!

  • 9

    Month 8 – Best Of Ask The Proefssional And Budgeting/Credit Score Training

    • Month 8 Training pt1-Some Markets You Just Cant Afford

    • Month 8 Training pt2-- Renters Are Now In The Surburbs

    • Month #8 Bonus #1 Ask a Professional CPA with Ebere Okoye

    • Month #8 Bonus #2 Raise Your Credit Score - Emergency Credit

  • 10

    Month 9 – Investing Based Off Your Financial Profile

    • Month 9 Training pt1-Invest Based Off Your Financial Profile

    • Month #9 Bonus #1 Excuses To Be Aware of Why The Rent is Late

    • Month #9 Bonus #2 Going Into Vacant And Boarded Up Houses

    • Month #9 Bonus #3 Realistic Ways to Earn Extra Income to Reduce Your Debt

  • 11

    Month 10 – Contractor Management

    • Month 10 Training Traits to Emulate of Successful Sub30k Investors

    • Month #10 Bonus #1 Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

    • Month #10 Bonus #2 Escalating Issues With Contractors

  • 12

    Month 11 - Business Structuring And Equity Stripping For Asset Protection

    • Month 11 Training - Typical Workday While Investing With a Full-Time Job

    • Month #11 Bonus #1 HOA and Code Enforcement

    • Month #11 Bonus #2 Things You Never Thought You'd Get Used To

    • Month #11 Super- Bonus - Brian Pendergraft Legal Expert - August 2017 Intensive Question And Answer

  • 13

    Month 12 – Your First Property And Year End Review

    • Month 12 Training - Deadbeats and Hardworkers You’ll Find Them In Every Low

    • Month #12 Bonus #1 Built-in Tax Protection for Your Real Estate

    • Month #12 Bonus #2 Don't Purchase On Court House Steps!

    • Month #12 Super Bonus with Ebere Okoye - Business Structuring Questions Answered

  • 14

    Month 13 – Step 1: Start With Finding Money In Unexpected Places

    • Welcome To Month 13!

    • Month #13 Training - Financing 101 Getting Funded Pre Approval Process pt1 - Sub30k Rental Income System

    • Month #13 Training - Financing 101 Getting Funded Pre Approval Process pt2 – Sub30k Rental Income System

    • Month #13 Training - Financing 102 What's In Your Bank Account And Other Assets - Sub30k Rental Income System

    • Month #13 Training - Financing 103 Creative Financing - Sub30k Rental Income System

    • Month #13 Training - Michael Plaks - Trump's Tax Laws Broken Down For All Real Estate Investors

    • Month #13 Bonus 1: Refinance Your Car And Fund Your Rehab

    • Month #13 Bonus 2: Stay Away From Banks Pt2 – More Proof

    • Month #13 Bonus 3: Plumbing DIY or Contract It Out

    • Month #13 Bonus 4: Emergency Credit Part II

  • 15

    Month 14 – Step 2: How To Find Your Perfect Market Part 1 - Advanced

    • Month #14 Training - Finding Your Location 101: When You Have To Go Out Of State

    • Month #14 Training - Finding Your Location 102: Nearest City Search

    • Month #14 Bonus 1: Get Out of Debt… Bad Debt

    • Month #14 Bonus 2: Another Irritating Bank Story

    • Month #14 Bonus 3: Finding A Real Estate Agent

    • Month #14 Bonus 4: How To Handle Basement Water Leaks Repairs

    • Month #14 Bonus 5: How To Find A Property Manager

  • 16

    Month 15 - Step 2: How To Find Your Perfect Market Part 2

    • Month #15 Training - Finding Your Location 103: Boots On The Ground

    • Month #15 Training - Finding Your Location 104: City Analysis And Economic Indicators

    • Month #15 Training - Cash Flow Analysis 101

    • Cash Flow Calculator

    • Month #15 Bonus 1: Call The Crime Analysis Unit

    • Month #15 Bonus 2: Selecting Contractors For Your Real Estate Project

  • 17

    Month 16 - How To Find The Perfect Cash Flowing Investment Property: CPR Technique

    • Block, Neighborhood, And Property Analysis 101: The CPR Technique 101 – How Do I Find “Cheap” Properties?

    • Block, Neighborhood, And Property Analysis 102: CPR Technique 102 – Step By Step Video Demonstration

    • Bonus 3: 0054 Plumbing DIY or Contract It Out

    • Easy, Sensible Deal Analysis

    • Cash Flow Calculator

  • 18

    Month 17 - Finding An Agent That Works With Your Price Range

    • Finding An Agent 101: Sub30k is a tougher sale

    • Finding An Agent 102: 1 Solid Way Of Finding An Investor Friendly Agent

    • Finding An Agent 103: What, And What Not, To Ask

    • Investing Out Of State Advanced

    • Investing out of stated advanced - demonstration and excel tracker

  • 19

    Month 18 Training

    • What’s The Closing Process Like

    • Importance Of Tenant Screening In Working Class Neighborhoods

    • Purchasing A Tenant Occupied Rental – Follow These Rulles

    • 0094 Upgrades Vs Home Improvements In That Low Income Rental

    • 0058 Do Your Repairs Up Front And Save Yourself A Headache!

  • 20

    Month 19 - Submitting The Bid

    • Submitting The Bid 101 What Does The Sales Contract Look Like

    • Submitting The Bid 102 The Art Of Lowballing

    • Submitting The Bid 103 The Art Of Negotiation

    • Youve Won The Bid 101: The Inspection Process And General Contractor Estimates

    • Youve Won The Bid 102 Whats On That HUD Statement?

  • 21

    Month 20 - What's Working Now

    • Condos For Costly Markets

    • Put 50k On Credit To Buy A Rental

    • Refinancing Every 1 to 2 years

    • How I raised 55k For My Renovation Last Week

    • Baltimore Reno Contract


  • $335.00

    $335.00Investing Made Easy Monthly – Full Year All Access!!

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