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Live 3-Day Transformational Investing Workshop

Where: Secaucus, NJ

When:  July 27-29th, 2018

I am looking for 10 professionals who are ready for the next step in their life. So they can finally createfinancial freedom, remove stress from their life and build the legacy for their children they have always wanted.

We’ll drill down and identify the actual steps you need to take in order to make successful low risk sub30k investments. 

I am going to share with you my personal story. The challenges I have had and also the what I did to create success in this area. 

It is my intention that by the end of the 2 day retreat you will have a PERSONALIZED investment plan.

 So, if you want to SUCCESSFULLY do Sub30k, and you want to SUCCESSFULLY do Sub30k Investing NOW, And are committed to your own success, sign up here

Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips

Founder, Affordable Real-Estate Investment

I teach professionals how to obtain financial freedom through purchasing the lowest cost rental properties that will help them replace their income!

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