Black Diamonds Mastermind (Standalone)

Black Diamonds Mastermind (Upgrade)

taught by Lisa Phillips

Course description

Welcome to the Black Diamonds Mastermind.


You will get access to

  • Wweekly group coaching calls,'
  • 1 bonus 1 hr coaching call each month you're in the program.


You will get access to the Sub30k Education Collection - this is what the $1497 Sub30k Rental Income System is based upon, so you get all the overviews that you need to feel comfortable knowing the main points of investing . 

**Note, the Rental income system is very detailed and step by step. This has all the main elements of this at a discounted rate.****

Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips
Founder, Affordable Real-Estate Investment

I teach professionals how to obtain financial freedom through purchasing the lowest cost rental properties that will help them replace their income!

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Course Curriculum

Month 6 – Investing Out Of State – Advanced
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Month 7 – Dealing With Contractors – Complete Overview
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Month 10 – Business Credit Part 3, Continued
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